Re Wilding at Caltonberry

We have spent so much time in the garden during 2020, it has been a blessing.  We have tried to make the area around us more habitable and attractive to wildlife.  Loving the idea, as it means enjoying what is there and not fighting against it.  

Previously we have left verges and drive edges to run wild, generally due to time pressures but I have always loved how the untended areas have often looked better than those that have been planned, obviously nature knows best.

Ferns and mind your own business  Wild flowers   

This April, after years of talking about it and after being gifted several packets of wild flowers, work has started and a selection of flowers have been added to part of our front lawn and a large area has been allowed to go it’s own way.

We started the process of clearing an area of grass and moss back in April, the seeds were scattered and with a little bit of initial watering, plants have flourish.

Lawn meadow   Wild flower meadow pink flowers  

We have enjoyed the colour and increase in wildlife that it has brought.  It has cut down the amount of mowing needed, with the odd weeding when required, to remove anything that is not desired. 

Hammock in the field   Meadow in a Peak District garden

September will see us cut the area, ready to sow  ‘yellow rattle’ to hopefully, help subdue the grass further and increase the chance of more flowers being able to dominate a larger area of lawn, next year. 

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